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We must save our community by saving the libraries

We cannot let our community slowly die, pretending we can live just fine, while isolated from each other. If we let our libraries stay closed, children will know that we don't care about their welfare or about knowledge itself.

Many children in our communities now have no safe place to stay and do their homework, after school and before their parents come home. Our schools and home-school families have lost an absolutely necessary resource. The closures also imply that elders are also expendable, since the libraries provided services to home-bound seniors.

This loss of hope and basic decency could have startling implications for our future safety, the quality of our democracy, and the quality of our lives.

I have heard many say that the recent library expansions and county building upgrades were wasteful and the cause of our shortfall. These upgrades were the result of bond money, and greatly improved comfort, efficiency, and access of libraries and other facilities to more children and to the disabled, including the veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our county was wise to get these necessary upgrades done while the money was available, but bond money cannot be used for operating costs.

Sure, we could re-open the libraries by further slashing money for sheriffs and fire fighters. But really, that's a horrible choice. Please vote to re-open our libraries with the temporary library levy.

Margery Winter

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