Letter at length, June 10

How about being kid friendly?

After reading your June 2 article "Nudist in Ashland draws gripes," I found it funny that the police could not find anything to arrest this man for.

How about assault with a dead weapon?

If God had wanted this man to walk around without clothes on, he would have given him bigger hands and the rest of us poor eyesight!

Maybe he was re-enacting "The Kings New Clothes" and didn't realize he was actually naked.

Is there anyone who unfortunately saw this guy walking around with no clothes on and thought, "Boy, that looks like a good idea"?

If he gets cancer from too much exposure (I mean from the sun), will he sue the city of Ashland?

This was not done for any other reason other than shock value. By the letters I've read, he succeeded.

It should not be the parents' responsibility to explain this wacko's actions to their kids. It shouldn't have happened in the first place. Kids today are exposed to enough stuff. Their hometown should be a safe haven.

The city can't provide our youth with therapy as those dollars are reserved for our council members.

As much as I hate new laws, forcing gross nudity on our youth is a bad idea and should be banned. It was probably hard to check to see if he was a sex offender since he didn't have any place to hold his ID, but he could easily have been a sexual predator.

Sounds to me like this guy is no better than a flasher; it was just too hot for his raincoat.

There was a time when common decency instead of laws was all that was needed. If you saw someone walking around naked, you knew they were a mental patient.

Our town boasts of being bicycle friendly. How about kid friendly as well?

Mike Schilling


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