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Time to give illegals incentives

With the recent failure of the immigration bill, but with demand for workers greater than ever, we must think anew of ways to give illegal immigrants incentives and means to move from the underground to the legal economy.

Begin with annual, tamper-proof, guest worker permits that expire and issue them to any illegal proving payment of all state, local and Social Security taxes due, forcing costs nearer to the legal economy on employers. Make felons of the rest, with a mandatory six-month prison term followed by deportation, even if caught while leaving the country. Permits must never lead to citizenship, grossly insulting to those who have come legally, and abhorrent to those who believe in a nation of laws and those who argue the government, not the immigrants, should decide who comes.

Enforce minimum-wage laws and impose $1,000-a-day, per-worker fines for hiring illegal immigrants without current permits. End citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to mothers here illegally. Terminate all federal funds to cities, states and schools that resist federal law, and revoke the nonprofit status of churches doing the same. Count only citizens in determining the allocation of House seats and awarding per capita-based federal aid. Print all government documents only in English and divert aid for bilingual education to teaching critical foreign languages.

These mutually reinforcing, nondraconian ideas should motivate compliance or self-deportation, control and mitigate illegal immigration, reduce wage distortion, and inspire invention and higher productivity &

the engines of prosperity.

David Churchman

Dr. Jack Kevorkian as a hero?

If there are two sides to every question, why is "Dr. Jack Kevorkian" so widely known as "Dr. Death, Murderer"? He is, in truth, a caring man, dedicated and compassionate.

"How do I know?" you ask. First, as a geriatric nurse, I've cared for dying patients trapped in excruciating pain; their medications no longer effective. Second, I was in written touch with "Dr. Kevorkian" during his unwarranted incarceration. Third, as a resident of Oregon (the only state with a "Doctor Assisted Death With Dignity" law), I worked passionately to promote its passage, despite fierce opposition from a mega-church, which spent $3 million to squash it. Theirs was a "slippery slope" &

"it's against God's will" campaign, which lost by a whopping 35 percent to 65 percent of the vote.

Suppose it is your terminally ill mother &

blind, incontinent and screaming with relentless pain. Her only option is to be drugged senseless, to live as a zombie. And you &

exhausted, and at your wit's end, would you respond to her urgent request: "Go get 'Dr. Kevorkian' &

now &

yes now!"? Would you set in motion the required preliminary steps to grant her wish? "But", you say, "doctors should not play God." Nonsense. They do it all the time. They heal people destined for invalidism.

Said Mother Theresa: "Suffering is God's will!" Is it? What kind of cruel God does she worship who delights in allowing prolonged torment? And why do we show compassion for animals (racehorse Barbaro), yet we deny it to human beings? It has worked well &

this "Doctor Assisted Death With Dignity" law, with its 100 percent safeguards against abuse. None reported (in its more than 12-year existence) by oversight commissions. Used sparingly, it is a great comfort to many people just knowing of its availability, even if they never use it.

Do not let pious patter deter you from grasping the urgency for this law in all 50 states. Could one day the need be yours?

Said Confucius: "To see what is right and not to do it &

is want of courage." "Dr. Kevorkian" saw what was right. He did what had to be done. "Blessed are the merciful!"

Nancy Littell Fox

Port Leyden, N.Y.

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