Letters: At length

Support the troops, eat croissants

All men in the service give their lives for us. Service in our military is more than a four-year committment. Every enlisted soldier gives the rest ofhis or her life to the services of the greater good, and can be brought back into their respective service in the advent of war. They are living for us.

We are fighting a global war on terror. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner's statement in Ali Akbar Dareini's Associated Press article that war would be the end of Iran's guerrelous behavior was absolutely right.

Some time ago we snubbed the French for their behavior by calling them French Fries, which are in fact of Belgian origin. This was a correction of a long-standing misnomer and says much about our support for our troops in spite of a lack of support by the French. I have been inspired by Monsieur Kouchner's affirmative statement to take action.

Back in 1998 I applied for the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. I did not finish the processing program. This decision, while appropriate at the time, has haunted me since. I have faith in my country and want to serve. I have decided to give my life over to the military. I have decided to join the military as an enlisted man and hope that others will do so as well.

When the French defeated the Muslims in the 17th century they created a pastry popular both in Europe and here in the United States, the croissant. This pastry is quite delectable. It represents victory over those Muslims who would impose their theocracy upon the French.

Muslims which would do this to the U.S. and others need be defeated. I believe we should all support our troops abroad and those who wish to relieve their burden by eating this pastry every morning. I believe that all shops that should carry this pastry to bolster morale for our troops. We need to believe in the power of our country and our beliefs and in the imminence of our victory. Live right and fight!

D. E. Tully

Support the Youth Activity Levy

"Girls who play interscholastic high school sports are 41 percent more likely to graduate from college than their counterparts." This is the results of a study done on the 25th anniversary of Title IX, in June's issue of Youth Society. The study concluded that the athletes had the advantage of "social capital," a network invested in their success, mentor coaches and all those parents in the stands sharing college information.

I believe that this holds true for all students. athletics, music, art, drama, etc. create the "social capital" necessary to nurture children into happy, confident, and successful contributors to our community.

Athletics, music, art, drama, etc. are no longer supported by state educational funding levels; especially in small communities like Ashland with fewer students in which to spread fixed educational cost burdens.

Since 1997, Ashland has supported our youth through a local Youth Activity Levy. It has kept athletics, music, art, drama, foreign language study and other programs available to our children. Renewing this levy in November allows Ashland Schools to continue these programs and with this renewal, also cover shortfalls occurring in core curriculums due to limited state funding.

I urge you to vote "yes" and renew the levy for three more years. This is not a tax, but a continued investment into the children of our community and the quality of everyone's future.

Carol Davis

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