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Information would have been helpful

When it happened 10 years ago, I was so thankful that we weren't stuck with the absurdity of an overlaid area code like greater Portland. What a nightmare? It is called an "area code" because the numbers designated an area.

I was shocked that we so abruptly went to such an absurd implementation as adding a new area code overlaid on top of the 541 area code. How could this have happened? Why was there no public discussion? Why did I not know about this?

I did a search at dailytidings.com for "area code 458." It found just one article in its archive. That was from last July 10. It was titled, are you ready for it, "Optional 10-digit dialing starts Sunday."

Just one article. And it didn't even mention a new area code in the title. I get it now. I missed all this because I subscribe to the Daily Tidings.

Jim Maynard


Writer's thoughts are appreciated

Commendations to the Tidings for granting us two Honoré essays within so short a space of time. We are honored. His latest, on 2009, nicely limned the monumental trivialities with which the mass media glut our lives, if we are so needy as to watch and hear it all: "Warning: Titanic Mountains of Frivolity Ahead." As we need, in my opinion, more honor in our public life, so we need more Honoré.


Gerald Cavanaugh


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