Letters to the Editor

Glad to share load to help support Oregon

Thanks to RCC's student government for sponsoring the Jan. 11 debate between Reps. Richardson and Buckley on measures 66 and 67. It's a choice between funding basic public services and letting folks fend for themselves.

As a believer in government being here to assure our wellbeing and as a longtime resident of Oregon who appreciates the burden of our legislators to balance budgets, I am happy to pay my part of the tax burden and support efforts to make our revenue sources fairer for everyone, including upper-income folks and corporations. We all benefit from Oregon's infrastructure. We all come from families struggling to survive. That is why I am voting "yes" for measures 66 and 67.

Ann M. Magill


Cuts don't have to come from education

Legislators spend every penny they can get in good times then whine about the inevitable deficits in bad times. When they face a budget gap, their only solution is to increase taxes instead of reducing spending. Proponents of measures 66 and 67 speak nonsense when they say the only option if the measures fail is to cut education.

Cuts in any particular program are not automatic or mandatory and there are several responsible alternatives on the table which cut this increase in spending without touching essential services. There are plenty of cuts to be made and even considerable choice in how they are made. Do not fall for these scare tactics and demand accountability from our legislators in how they spend our money.

Bob Powell


City seeks input on swimming pool plan

Dear Daniel Meyer Pool user,

You are invited to attend a public meeting to discuss and give your feedback on the summer 2010 proposed schedule for the Daniel Meyer Pool. We are seeking feedback on ways to improve and enhance our programs and services related to swim lessons, lap swim, camps and water aerobics.

During the meeting staff will give a brief presentation on the proposed schedule with details regarding time schedules, program offerings, lifeguard training, revenues and expenditures, and will look for feedback and input based on the facts presented.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Hunter Park Senior Center, 1699 Homes Ave., Ashland. With the 6 p.m. meeting time, we are encouraging you to bring your kids. Whether they like to swim at the pool or would like to contribute ideas for new programs, we would love to hear from them.

If you cannot attend this meeting and would like to give your feedback prior to the meeting, please contact the Ashland Parks and Recreation office at 488-5340. We will be happy to send the proposed schedule to you along with a feedback form.

Rachel Dials


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