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Don't be silent about Supreme Court ruling

If there is one matter that resonates accross the political spectrum, one idea that both the left and the right firmly agree upon, it is that large corporations exert a profoundly corrupting influence upon the political process in America.

They own the great majority of our media, provide massive funding to "think tanks" and use these supposedly independent founts of wisdom — along with an army of their hand-picked talking heads — to spin the news and manipulate public policy to their own profit. We all know that they buy politicians by the dozen, both Democrat and Republican, and plainly see that they have long since taken effective control of our government.

With the latest Supreme Court ruling granting them the official status of personhood, and the full rights of free speech accorded any American citizen, the last fig leaf of pretense has been stripped away.

One result of this incredible ruling will be to enable corporations with large (or concievably complete) foreign ownership to begin pumping vast sums of money into our political campaigns, their "free speech" limited only by their bank accounts. Corporations do not distinguish between the nationalities of their shareholders, and virtually all American corporations have significant foreign ownership. So we now find ourselves in the situation where wealthy foreigners have the right to drown out the speech of American citizens and to spend unlimited funds to purchase our politicians, sanctioned by the highest court in the land.

Following the demented logic of the five lunatic Supremes, presumably the next step will be for us to accept corporations as direct actors in our political system. Why not? If they have the full free speech rights of citizens, they must be actual citizens, right? Will you support Senator Exxon for president, or would you prefer Congressman DOW? How about beloved Ambassador Citicorp? We know they all have our best interests at heart, right? Shall we abase ourselves before our masters? Are we really and truly a nation of bleating sheep?

For once, let us put aside the issues that divide us. For this one crucial battle, let us link arms with those we see as our political enemies — the left with the right, the NAACP with the Birchers, feminists and environmentalists and gays with tea baggers and truck drivers. Here is something we can all agree on. Write your elected representatives, call your senators, sign petitions, talk to your friends and raise some hell! Amend the Constitution or impeach the Supreme lunatics for treason, whatever it takes. If we allow this ruling to stand, we can kiss the dream of America goodbye.

Stuart Davies


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