Letters to the Editor

Single-payer health care reform is answer

Keep insurance companies completely out of the health care business. Let them insure cars and houses, but not our bodies.

Single-payer health care reform such as HR 676 is the only answer for real overhaul of this national disaster.

Wes Brain


The public option is a life-and-death issue

How many times must I say it? I want a public option! I'm tired of those same old compromises that only benefit those who have no compassion or intention of developing any. I want to live in a country where, if you're sick, you get cared for because you're a human being. Allowing those who were obviously not given love or compassion when they were children to set the regulations regarding health for the entire population will never "reform" anything.

Please read the recent New York Times piece about the human brain! Making health care dependent on people who make their living opposing anything and everything that might benefit those less fortunate than they are is an exercise in denial and/or deliberate hard-heartedness. Let the medical people determine who needs what and when — not the corporations and insurance people whose main objective is profit. To benefit from someone else's misfortune is totally wicked. Give us the public option now! Our lives depend on it!

Mouna Wilson


Corporations should not run health care

We should rapidly move the country away from a "for profit" health care system. Corporations are not working for the national good, and never have. The amounts they pay for administration and profit need to be clawed back to pay for our nation's health.

Jerry Nutter


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