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'Sexting' class was a waste of tax dollars

I'm writing a response to the "Students' sexting concerns police" article. First off, I think that it's sad and ridiculous that kids have been told by their parents that sex and experimentation are not meant for someone their age, while the media is telling them that it's a good thing and that their peers are making it up to be something that's mandatory for them to do to feel cool.

How you choose to tell your kids about sex is up to you. But no wonder they are turning to this odd erotica through text messages. Plain and simple, if you don't want your kid "sexting," just block their texting on their phone plan. A class to teach them the bad things about sexting is not the answer. Why not show them different, healthier ways to show their affection to people they like?

The school system should be using my parents' tax dollars to teach kids something constructive instead of doing what everyone else on this planet is doing, which is telling them what not to do.

Max Estes


Confusing letter was a waste of space

The "Letters at Length" column of Feb. 26 offered two topical opinions and one, by Gennifer Moss, that should mystify any thinking person.

In light of truly important issues, such as the recent Supreme Court decision, climate change, criminal justice or national health care, we feel that the Daily Tidings' 'Letters at Length' column should be put to better use.

Andrew Kubik and Mary Cody


Cuba has done its part to help Haiti

There were more than 300 Cuban volunteer medical workers serving in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.

Steven Kastenbaum of CNN noted in a Jan. 17 broadcast that the Cuban doctors were treating 600 to 700 patients a day and keeping three operating rooms running 24 hours a day at La Paz Hospital, operated by the Cubans. By the morning of Jan. 13, two field hospitals operated by the Cubans had already treated more than 600 patients and counting before the arrival of other earthquake assistance.

Since the 1998 earthquake in Haiti, thousands of Cuban health care workers have volunteered to serve the people of Haiti with health care. Cuba has trained more than 500 Haitians, free of charge, to become doctors and return to Haiti to serve their people. Teachers to help children in a tent city set up by the Cubans and tons of food and supplies have arrived to help the Haitians long after some other countries have left and consider the crisis of the earthquake over.

Betty Sherman


Speeding ticket sent the wrong message

On Feb. 24, one of my students was given a speeding ticket heading south on Siskiyou Boulevard just past the Breadboard. Immediately before that, she was passed by another vehicle driving more than 15 mph faster than she, and she affirms that she may have been going 2 mph over the speed limit. Common sense tells us that the officer pulled over the wrong vehicle.

So what, you say? Well, this is nearly a verbatim repeat of what happened to me 26 years ago. In fact, the only variation is that I was pulled over perhaps 100 feet further south on Siskiyou. To this day, I still remember thinking, as this very aggressive lane-changing driver passed me, "Thank goodness there's a police officer," only to be flabbergasted that I was the officer's target.

Ashland, I know that you work hard to attract visitors and that you have suffered some of the same downturns seen in other communities. Please inform your Public Safety Department not to become so obsessed with staring at radar gun readouts that they miss out on busting scofflaws and instead bust law-abiding citizens. My student is a wonderful person with a healthy respect for the law, but right now she is (justifiably) very angry with the Ashland police. Is that the message you want to send?

Hal Wing


Another dog park does not make sense

I live in south Ashland and would like to inform people of other dog parks. First, the park on Iowa and Walker, then Walker Elementary School, Hunter Park, Mt. View Cemetary and the entire bike path. Drive by any sunny day or weekend and see!

From Iowa Street to the dog park is 2.6 miles. I wish people would keep in mind when they choose a dog how big their yard is, where they can take them and how dedicated they are to do so!

SOU students have been addressing the needs of the homeless. Let them utilize the SOU space instead of letting things go to the dogs!

Nancy Boyer


Senate's filibuster rule being exploited

I am outraged by the Senate filibuster and its kissing cousin, the hold, both requiring a super majority cloture vote, with attendant time delays. Particularly outrageous to me is the media coverage that fails to recall that the filibuster, a Senate rule (No. 22), is not part of the Constitution, had nothing to do with the founders and was created as a guarantee of adequate debate preceding a floor vote — definitely not the tool of obstruction it has devolved to be. This darker sausage ingredient has no claim on our respect.

Jerry Nutter


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