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Group seeks support in seeking justice

We are saddened that, after 17 months, people do not know that Dave Lewis was murdered and, along with his entire home and all contents, arsoned on Dead Memorial Indian Road. It is an open/unsolved homicide.

A second arson fire occurred that night, across the road from Sheriff Winters' land, just down the street from Dave's. That same awful day, Troy Carney was found brutally murdered while camping on the Greenway; Troy was from Florida and thought it was safe. Investigators have publicly indicated there is an evidence-link between the crimes, but that the men did not know each other.

Many friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members, have been seeking justice, from the first day, for both men. We are seeking help from the community. There are large rewards in both cases.

Killers are walking free. We think more than one person is involved, possibly a cover-up involving others. We also believe they remain in the community, but they could be anywhere. No one is safe while homicidal maniacs walk free. These are sick individuals, who would burn a healthy man's body until he had no arms or legs. We are seeking justice. The Rogue Valley is a wonderful place that we love. We are seeking safety for children, for one and all.

At 6 p.m. Saturday, March 6, at the Lithia Park bandshell, the community will hold a justice vigil for the missing, murdered, sexually abused and sexually assaulted. Many multiple crimes must be solved and criminals brought to justice. Our community can cancel crime. Join the Wings-of-Justice. We seek justice, because they cannot. All are welcome. Bring a candle, make a poster, let your voice count and be heard. Take back the streets, take back what is good and right.

Linda Lewis


Don't criticize climate science

In a Feb. 12 guest opinion, Jim Hartman (science teacher extraordinaire at Ashland High School) prepared an excellent response to another anti-climate change salvo thrown by a Mr. Barone: a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute — a neoconservative group whose 1943 founders included industrial giants Eli Lilly, General Mills, Chrysler, etc. I encourage you to read Mr. Hartman's letter.

On Feb. 18, Rich Lowry, a conservative blogger whose opinion is that water-boarding is not considered torture, ventured into his biased and uninformed views in yet another anti-climate change Tidings salvo.

Michael Barone nor Rich Lowry will badmouth the hands that feed them: the industrial giants that control the fast majority of American politics. They and many others,who feed at the trough of big industry unleash their opinions on topics that will increase the flow of their gravy train. Instead, they choose to cast doubt on topics such as the science of climate change. That is where the real money is.

As Mr. Hartman accurately pointed out in his guest opinion for the Tidings, the International Panel on Climate Change, Climate Scientists, have found it unequivocal (indisputable) that humans are causing our home, planet Earth, to heat up at an alarming rate. Big industry, especially big petroleum and coal, have huge vested interests in keeping the status quo of oil flowing and coal burning, even in the face of eminent dire consequences within the U.S. and worldwide if we continue our unsustainable path of consumption and growth.

We humans are at a critical choice point. We must wake up and become very engaged in creating lifestyles that build honorable human societies, a diverse and thriving environment to live in and resilient economic conditions. The alternative is to continue to consume, horde and deny and let our grandchildren pay the piper.

Jim McGinnis


Earth Friend Gen returns to Ashland

Hello Ashlanders! It's me, Earth Friend Gen. I'm moving back to Ashland and, since there's been so much attention concerning public nudity, I wanted to clarify my heart's longing: to compassionately and consciously connect with you, the community and children, and integrate sustainable living practices on an everyday basis — like turning lifeless lawns into garden sanctuaries with edible plants, herbs, flowers and fruit trees.

Even though there is nothing wrong with public nudity, I have compassion for the physical/mental/spiritual illness from which society suffers. (I am healing my own imbalances/glitches/contradictions — Hallelujah!) The masses are blind to the fact that it is their own fear and judgment that is harmful to them, not the naturally naked human body.

I also understand society's fear concerning sex offenders. Too bad society does not realize that how it operates actually creates sex offenders — that the society is the wolf in sheep's clothing they need be concerned with — not the naturally naked truth.

By the way, the reason I moved to Ashland in the first place was because of its natural beauty and conscious community. I only learned about Ashland's lax nudity laws after I decided to move.

Let's focus our attention on working together and becoming a truly sustainable community. The environment is more important than the economy! Let's teach our children HerStory: the story of Mother Earth and all Earthlings — the indigenous peoples, the animals, the plants, the rocks, and the web of consciousness that connects us all. May we all stop being judgmental and fearful and see women's breasts as sacred nourishment, not stuffed sex pillows. Breasts not bombs! May we support diversity and the natural beauty of the human being in all its shapes, colors and sizes. May we support nature and the children, not cruelty, violence and war.

Anyway, see you all soon!

Gennifer Moss

Ojai, Calif.

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