Letters to the editor, April 10

Spring is here, but so is the burning season

Finally, it's spring! Temperatures are warmer and we can open our windows to let some warm fresh air into stale winter homes ... but wait, that is not fresh air, is that smoke I smell? What happened?

Oh, yes, now I remember, spring is also burning season. Isn't there a better way to dispose of these unwanted materials than to pollute our air with them?

Mary Rydman


Thanks to Ashland

Saturday, April 4, marked the third annual observation of Kiwanis One Day, a day when Kiwanis, and its family of clubs, joined forces with their communities for a day of hands-on service.

The Kiwanis Club of Ashland asked the community to help support the many programs Kiwanis has for children, including the many programs we have at the Ashland schools. The public was asked to donate $3 to buy one foot of coins ($3 of quarters is about a foot in length.)

The Kiwanis Club of Ashland sends a big thank you to the general public for their generosity on this special day.

To learn more about Kiwanis, and its many programs for children and others in our community, please call 488-0532.

Ron Parker,

Kiwanis Club of Ashland

Not falling for the same disinformation

Newspapers report stories of insurance company proposals promising contrition and reform if after a "number of years" they reach a new and "acceptable" fee structure (and enough time to rein in their congressmen to stall some more). Boloney! I, for one, will not again fall for the same old disinformation. Let those who want private insurance companies do it that way; as for me I prefer a public health option like Medicare with all its "faults."

Stephen Javna


Musings on Descartes

I think Rene Descartes did not exist. He thought that he was thinking, but it was only his imagination. In any case, he had no soul. He imagined he was thinking, and he viewed that thought as his soul. (Sartre might've charitably stated Descartes was "unaware" that he imagined he was thinking.) Clearly, Descartes was thoughtless and therefore soul-less, and so, by his own terms, he obviously did not exist.

Descartes imagined that animals had no soul. I just don't understand why civilization bought such poppycock. I believe we must trust most in our own individual imaginings, and take those of others with an imaginary grain of salt.

Patti Morey


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