Letters to the Editor, April 12

Vote for Burnette
Trump fired Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin. Why? Likely because Shulkin dragged his heels privatizing the VA, our largest integrated health care system.
Last April, Trump signed a bill that extended the “Choice Program” allowing veterans to get medical care in the private sector. If Trump and his cronies can privatize the VA, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to privatizing Medicare and Social Security. First, they have to “starve the beast,” underfund programs to convince people they don’t work.
We have a choice: Continue to see the erosion of all things public or start backing Democrats who put people before profits.
Eric Burnette is running to unseat Greg Walden. Burnette wants to adequately fund the VA He wants medical services for every veteran, regardless of discharge status. Vote for the candidate endorsed by the AFL CIO, Teamsters, Working Families Party and Our Revolution Southern Oregon. Go to: https://burnette4congress.org/what-i-stand-for.
Andy Seles

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