Letters to the Editor, April 14

McLeod-Skinner stands out
The Democratic Party is fortunate to have seven worthy primary candidates running for Congressional District 2. In May, we will choose one to face off against Greg Walden in November. Having heard all seven candidates in two forums, I find one stands out for me ― Jamie McLeod-Skinner.
She is clear-thinking, well-spoken, principled, and aware of and educated on the issues facing Southern and Eastern Oregonians. She has a background in law, is the only one of the seven who has held elected public office; and I believe she understands all of the district, not just the unique Ashland enclave.
Jamie grew up in a ranching family. Since July, she has campaigned with boundless energy throughout our enormous district and has earned the respect of everyone she meets. If we elect Jamie to face off against Walden, I believe she has a real shot at taking the seat in November.
Nancy Parker

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