Letters to the Editor, April 3

I want Golden
Are you tired of “big money” having excessive influence on our politics? Leery of voting for another candidate who’s supported by questionable sources? Hesitant to vote for a candidate with zero experience in actually making government work for us?
Me too. So here’s why Jeff Golden is my candidate.
Jeff has 40 years of experience in actually making government function, putting our limited resources to work and getting our best bang-per-buck.
Jeff believes that nobody who works full-time should live in poverty. That locally owned businesses and people who start them deserve the benefits that currently favor large corporations.
And he’s the only candidate in the Senate District 3 race who pledges to run a campaign entirely free of lobby and corporate contributions. In short, that means he works for you and me — reporting to nobody else.
Jeff Golden is who I want representing me in Salem.
Doug Viner
Forget me not
I’ve learned several things from the liberal Christians I have known throughout my life. That dignified lot who don’t need to hawk their religious beliefs for money or favor.
I learned that Jesus overturned the moneychangers due to their greedy exploitation of the people. So, I wonder, why is overt, unregulated capitalism the overriding tenet of the conservative “religious” right?
I learned that Jesus would associate with and accept all people including lepers, the homeless and even prostitutes. So, surely he wouldn’t be in favor of a selfish, mean-spirited immigration policy.
However, I must have missed the bit where Jesus informed his disciples that they wouldn’t be able to help the sick and the poor because of the need to build up their military.
Steve Sutfin

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