Letters to the Editor, April 4

Supporting McLeod-Skinner
I am supporting Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon Congressional District 2.
I am impressed with Jamie’s background and qualifications. She is the only candidate running to replace Walden that has held elected office. She is a water rights expert and has degrees in civil engineering, regional planning and law. Jamie McLeod-Skinner will represent all parts of District 2, both rural and urban, and has what it takes to work across the political landscape uniting people around shared Oregon values.
Find out more about where Jamie McLeod-Skinner stands on the issues important to you at her website: jamiefororegon.com.
Lillian Koppelman
KTVL’S fear-based news
I really like the news anchors at KTVL’s news and their great meteorologist, Milt Bradford, but I cannot watch KTVL evening news anymore.
The Sinclair Broadcast Group, the station owners, offer viewers a healthy dose of fear when at the end of the broadcasts it offers (drum roll …) The Terrorism Desk! A lovely young sullen woman with a mouthful of scary words standing before a pulsing blood-red background, offers the viewer an adrenaline rush “War of the Worlds” is coming, restful evening.
It is not news but a political ad posing to remind us to hate and fear others, be wary of the stranger danger all around us. After all we need the Mighty Military to protect our dear little fragile bodies, never mind what the adrenaline and stress is doing to your immune system. I assume the Terrorism Desk is currently showing at all 193 Sinclair TV stations, and as the Mail Tribune reports April 3, “Sinclair is the biggest TV broadcaster in the U.S. and is now attempting to acquire more and if approved will reach 72 percent of American households.”
How’s that for a brave new world keeping America fearful and captivated by warmongering at dinner time? To eat in peace or digest my dinner, I’ll just change the channel.
Sally McKirgan

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