Letters to the Editor, April 5

No myopia here
Suppose the National Institutes of Health declared they solved cancer. We’d be delighted! But suppose their solution comprised telling us cancer no longer exists and defunding research.
Suppose the Defense and State Departments announced they solved all international conflicts. Again, we’d be delighted, unless their solution was to argue that international conflicts have all disappeared.
Sound ridiculous? Think again!
This is the how the Trump administration and congressional Republicans address the problem of global warming and its disastrous climate chaos consequences. Exactly as climate scientists across the globe provide irrefutable confirmation, we are seeing conspicuous warming trends in the Rogue Valley and alarming climate consequences.
Meanwhile, congressional and state Republicans, along with the Trump administration, have solved our problem. While occasionally individual Republicans disagree, collectively the party has solved the problem with a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil philosophy. They have ignorantly decided that the consensus of 97 percent of climate scientists and all professional scientific organizations and academies of science across the world is a conspiracy — so we needn’t worry. Despite the Defense Department identifying global warming as a national security threat, Trump is now closing down global warming research at NASA. Problem solved; insanity rules!
Fortunately, Ashland doesn’t suffer this myopia. The city has council members and residents who accept the science and its implications, and are committed to ensuring that the city’s Climate and Energy Action Plan is a success.
Alan Journet

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