Letters to the Editor August 12

City could be a leader in green water management

There's a common thread that weaves together several recent articles in the Daily Tidings: Ashland's desire to assume a leadership role in green building and sustainability both for the state of Oregon and for the nation. As a community dedicated to this goal, we could really make a difference. As the term "green" encompasses an ever-expanding list of concerns, maybe Ashland could concentrate its efforts in the area of water resource management and author the codes for gray water, rain gardens and other environmentally friendly municipal systems for the future.

Ashland's abundance is a gift. Grant us the wisdom and the will to do the hard work now that will allow us to pass this gift to future generations. Isn't this the perfect opportunity to support Mike Broomfield's work and have Ashland be the forerunner in this critical area? I'd be much more proud to make the national news for these efforts than for some of our recent notorieties.

As Kermit says "it's not easy being green," but it's certainly worthwhile.

Claire Baker


Hamas was created by Israel's apartheid

Rabbi Zaslow's letter of Aug. 7 tries to deflect criticism of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine by making Hamas the issue, but that's like having made the African National Congress the issue during the South African apartheid years. The ANC was created by South Africa's apartheid, just as Hamas was created by Israel's apartheid. That's why there is a split within the Jewish community between those who support Israel unconditionally and those who favor a just peace.

Bonnie Brodersen

Gene Robbins


Peace House an asset to Ashland's community

My first experience with Peace House was about six years ago during the height of the anti-war activities. Since then I have joined others from the community at the Peace House to participate in a wide variety of events ranging from "movie nights" to most recently watching Cambodian dancers.

The Peace House is a tremendous asset to our community that most people take for granted. Many people know of Uncle Food's Diner that serves a weekly meal, but Peace House's small and dedicated group of volunteers facilitates other valuable services in our community: Transition Town, the Ashland Food Project, Peace Wall, Veterans for Peace, Peace Village and Not in Our Town (an anti-racism program), as well as offering their facility for community meetings.

They need our financial support and people support. Think about sending Peace House a donation or stop by to see how you can help.

Regina Ayars


City block violation is an absurd parking rule

I know Ashland needs cash, and I understand that ticketing is a source of income and a great way to prevent parking abuse, but the city block violation crosses the line to absurdity — you can't park the same car on the same block in the same day. I received a warning for this a month ago and almost thought it was a prank, but clearly it is not. My husband and I share a car — this is a good thing, right? As parents of two young children, we're working overtime to be good citizens and make it in this troubled economy.

My husband parked downtown in the morning. Later, I obviously parked in the same location when I went to work. (I didn't know it was the same block, since discussing exactly where we parked is not on the top of our list as we run out the door trading off kids.) How can this be seen as unlawful behavior? Are they discouraging car sharing?

We didn't go past our two-hour limit. We didn't beg for money. We didn't have a dog unleashed. We parked the car and later that day, faced with limited parking options, took whatever appropriate spot was available. Ashland parking enforcement, get real. I'll be at a City Council meeting very soon.

Sarah Jane Nelson


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