Letters to the Editor August 26

Solve nudity problem

It was bad enough when we had the naked lady; then it was a nude man running around town. I was embarrassed to receive in the mail articles (from the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee) regarding our "nudity" problem from friends. Come on, folks — let's find a solution!

Sharon Spalding


Don't drink and drive

As the mother of a 34-year-old son murdered by a drunk driver, I am pleading with those who wish to drink over the upcoming weekend: DO NOT DRIVE. I call it murder because if you choose to drive after drinking that is what it is to me.

Do you really want to chance cutting off another person's life? How about permanently disabling someone? What if it is you who dies or is disabled? What if it is someone you love? Would it be worth it?

Please do not drink and drive.

Lolita M. Clodfelter


Prioritizing water

Last week I read with interest and agreement Maxine Scott's Aug. 14 letter regarding Ashland's "sensible priorities." Since her letter was published water has been rationed. There can be no doubt that supplying water to the proposed highway rest stop and new fire station is very important, but Ashland's number one priority has to be to connect to Medford water.

Years ago the city paid to have the pipe running to Talent made large enough to accommodate Ashland, and now everything else needs to be put on hold until this is done!

Scott missed the most important reason for doing so, which is to have the ability to fight fires when the next flood comes and Ashland is without water to fight fires. Only by the grace of God was a major disaster avoided after the 1997 flood when there was no water to fight fires with for nearly a month.

We will have another flood. This isn't an if; it's a when. History proves this. Let's get our priorities in order!

Sam Whitford


Health care reform

This is a message to all of you angry town hall people. From 1968 to 1983 I lived in a country with socialized medicine. Yes, you heard me right, socialized medicine. You think you're mad now. If we here in the U.S. ever get anything like what I experienced there, you're really going to be mad, and that anger will be directed toward anyone who stood in the way of health care reform!

Scott Woolsey


Reform health care

Why is a vocal minority of white people defiantly and angrily against affordable health care for all Americans? You'd think they'd be happy to share a civil and moral right. Instead they've organized into a shouting mob of fearmongering operatives for the conscienceless right-wing private health care insurance industry that's against any kind of reform — as their greedy CEOs are laughing all the way to the bank.

But are they happy? No they're blindly full of shame because of the incredible profits they've only "Madoff" honest healthy people! It's documented that roughly 14,000 fellow Americans, mostly middle class, are losing their health care daily because they can't afford the increasing costs of private insurance premiums.

The honorable U.S. Senators and Representatives of Oregon, please share this letter with your congressperson? What's honorable about denying 45-plus million people their rights to affordable health care? What's with the Blue Dog Democrats, where's their honor? It's shameful! Be statesmen (women). Don't be confused over what it means to do the right thing or doing the rightwing thing — which is nothing. They had eight years to reform healthcare. Do the right thing. Do the healthy thing. It'll make you and millions of supporters and newer voters happy.

Richard Altig


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