Letters to the Editor December 23

Enlightening column

I would like to thank Lance Pugh for his column last week (Dec. 17, "No light in Ashland's tunnel"), which perfectly described Ashland's terrible street lighting. For me, many things are being done incorrectly in this city, but this tops my list every night.

Normally, our streets are poorly lit, but on a black, stormy evening, it's amazing more accidents don't happen. I suggest we cut back on therapy and consultant expenses and invest in brighter lighting.

Lance also noted how many night walkers, bikers and skateboarders wear dark colors. Possibly, they are those Ashlanders against autos, but they should be aware of how they blend into the darkness and how unsafe for everyone it is.

Hopefully others will see the light and speak out. It seemed that this problem got worse when the roads through town were improved for safety. The lights went higher and got dimmer or possibly I am going blind — someone is.

Zach Brombacher


Best viewed at home

My comment is that nudity is best viewed in your home or as a two-dimensional medium or sculpture. Historically, the nude has been romanticized to fit the norm for the period it was created. Religion and moral climate dictated this. The typical human body is not all that attractive when you get down to it. It's also not repulsive, to quiet those who would argue the point. And, love doesn't enter into this discussion.

Attend the gallery show of nudes and the difference in appeal between the art of the nude and those parading about in the nude should be apparent. I guess my biggest reason against public nudity is summed up in one word: hygiene.

Thomas Walters


Protect children's eyes

Each year kids unwrap a toy that later may cause them serious eye injury. As you head out for last minute Christmas shopping, I encourage you to buy eye-friendly toys that will help your child avoid serious eye injury.

Avoid toys with sharp points or edges and projectile abilities. Supervise younger kids so they don't get hold of a toy meant for an older child.

Instead, buy age-appropriate toys with rounded edges that stimulate visual development, improve hand-eye coordination and demonstrate spatial relationships.

This season, make sure your child is not one of the 11,000 kids' eye injuries caused by toys or home playground equipment each year.

Dr. Ken Loftus

Ashland Eye Care

Telling it like it is

Thunderous applause and loud bravos for Catie Faryl's superbly brilliant commentary in the Daily Tidings (Dec. 18 "Sustaining sensibility: What is obscenity?"). Exposing the naked emperor and the real obscenities, reorienting us to what really matters and where we need to be focusing, Catie tells it like it is.

Her searing editorial on sustaining sensibility should be reprinted and re-read every day (I'm not kidding) as a lesson in re-structuring, a short guide to right living. If you didn't read it, look it up on the Internet.

Thank you for your clear vision, Catie.

Dot Fisher-Smith


Follow-up on Beller?

I'm very surprised that our local paper has done no follow-up story on missing Ashlander Garren Beller. Although I do not know Garren well, I consider him a friend, and his disappearance is very disturbing to me. A superficial look on the Internet will show many other lives have been affected.

The local investigating detectives have been great when I have called inquiring about any news, but they are handcuffed themselves because this apparently happened in Illinois. There are some bizarre twists to his disappearance. I just wanted to convey that there are a lot of people that miss Garren and it would be nice if our local paper helped out.

Jack Carothers


Don't block utility box

The utility box on the plaza is a great convenience and much appreciated. However, there are too many times when giant trucks or even post office conveyances are parked directly in front of it, making access virtually impossible. This requires a potential user of same to either park illegally or wait for a regular parking spot to appear ... not too usual ever. If the area were designated for its intended purpose only, all this would be avoided.

Maxine Scott


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