Letters to the Editor December 30

Why not serve down-home food for winter?

I am aware of this seasonal problem for the restaurants and have often wondered why they don't change gears for the winter and offer a short menu of good, down-home food to the local population for a reduced price — food such as beef stew, pot roasts, pasta dishes, etc. Forget the upscale tourist market for the winter months.

A buffet arrangement would minimize the service needs. Also possibly some nibbles on the table (like the Mexican restaurants do) would increase the feeling of hospitality. Good luck to you restaurants — I'm always sad to see one having to go out of business.

Margaret Gelatt


Thanks to Gypsy Soul for fundraising help

I recently attended both of the annual holiday concerts by award-winning folk-rock band Gypsy Soul to benefit local nonprofit WinterSpring Center Transforming Grief and Loss. Their gorgeous music has been described as soulful, acoustic rock with Celtic and Americana roots.

Both concerts were very special events that highlight the good that can happen when talented people share their hearts with the local community. The Friday night concert, featuring the Gypsy Soul duo of Roman Morykit and Cilette Swann, was an intimate experience, much like a gathering of friends in a living room. Roman and Cilette have a beautiful, genuine way of connecting with their audience.

The second night with the full band had the vibrant energy of a full house of loyal enthusiastic fans.

This is the sixth year that our Gypsy Soul friends have generously held this concert to benefit WinterSpring Center. WinterSpring's mission is to help people through the grieving process.

WinterSpring is fortunate to have the support of these community-minded musicians and their belief in the importance of the work that we do. The funds raised from this concert will allow us to meet the needs of more people during a challenging time.

Thank you Gypsy Soul, Eric Allen, Angel DeShane and all those who helped make these two concerts big successes!

Sue Carroll

executive director, WinterSpring Center Transforming Grief and Loss

Giving tree support leads to success

Ashland Branch Library hosted the annual giving tree celebration on Dec. 8. The big yellow Head Start buses began arriving promptly at 9:30 a.m., and 110 children accompanied by 23 adults poured into the library.

Everyone gathered around the Giving Tree, which hung heavy with more than 400 hundred donated hats and pairs of gloves, socks and mittens. Songs in Spanish and English were sung by the children as they thanked the community for the donations.

Then everyone went down the stairs to the Gresham Room where children and adults were treated to Mexican dances performed by Ballet Folklorico members. Students from Ashland High School's Spanish IV classes read to small groups of children in Spanish, and other community volunteers read in English.

Teachers left with huge bags that overflowed with the beautiful donated items, which were distributed to Head Start children and their families.

Thank you, Ashland community, for your generous support!

Margie Cicerrella

children's librarian, Ashland Branch Library

We need to make insurance affordable

The details of the final health-care bill will be decided when senators return from their Christmas break.

This is an important time for all of us to let them know what we most care about.

We need the public option to create competition within the insurance industry. My family's insurance premiums were raised 30 percent this year. Since we carry only catastrophic coverage, which is not allowed under the new legislation, without the public option, our insurance costs would rise even further.

We need a way to make insurance affordable. Even with subsidies, the Senate and House bills allow people to pay up to 20 percent of their income for health care, which could be devastating for low-income families.

Rochelle Jaffe


Thanks to a kind lady for the lift on I-5

I would like to thank the kind lady that stopped on I-5 and gave me a ride to Les Schwab's on Dec. 18. I was pretty tired out after trying to change my tire and then walking down the highway toward Exit 14.

If I had gone much farther, I would have needed an ambulance as well as Schwab's service truck. Again, thank you very much.

Mike Baldwin

Westport, Wash.

Help find missing Ashland man

For all the friends and family of Garren Beller this holiday has been very difficult. There seems to be a lack of local media coverage and concern about this very disturbing disappearance of our great friend Garren.

Daily Tidings, please help us to bring justice and peace to this heartbreaking situation.

Betsy Combes


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