Letters to the editor, July 10

Adopt a pet to help stop suffering

This year's parade was terrific. I was glad to see entries by both Jackson County Animal Control and the Southern Oregon Humane Society. In addition, the Friends of the Animal Shelter and the Southern Oregon Animal Rights Society followed up with information booths at Lithia Park. These organizations are necessary to end needless suffering of millions of cats and dogs in the United States, with 5 to 6 million being euthanized yearly for lack of homes.

With so many homeless pets available, one can stop the suffering by choosing to adopt rather than support breeding by buying pets from stores and breeders. It's a simple matter of math. If pet stores and breeders are not selling, they will stop breeding as it would not be cost effective. The argument that when adopting one doesn't know what they are getting does not fly. The same holds true when buying a purebred. I personally have adopted from a shelter a severely neglected dog that has turned out to be quite a wonderful pet and devoted companion.

Also, please remember to spay and neuter your pet. This is another way to help end homelessness for the animals. It also makes for a calmer pet. You can make a difference. Please support these organizations and remember to "think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight" as Albert Schweitzer said.

Lisa A. Frost


Brilliant performance of Don Quixote

If Miguel de Cervantes were alive and familiar with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival version of his "Don Quixote" and the acting of Armando Durán, he would feel totally satisfied because the actor's brilliant performance allows us to see the work of an extraordinary professional who understands perfectly the essence of the crazy dreamer who seeks only justice and honor.

Of course the work of the adapter and the director is immense, but the center of attention is the actor and his work, and everything, without exception, is exactly what it ought to be. The characters, trees, animals, windmills — everything is perfect. I cannot recall a single defect in the performance, no matter how many times I go over it in my memory.

Think for a moment of your favorite character. Ready? Mine is Don Quixote. Imagine the immense joy of seeing him "alive."

I cannot recount some of the first scenes because I couldn't keep from crying at the beginning. I couldn't believe, after pursuing him in books, videos, films and in (the region of) Castilla La Mancha itself, that I would find him in Ashland.

In Guanajuato, we are totally satisfied with the enormous luck of our fraternity with the city of Ashland, of enjoying its great human warmth and above all, far from home and city, of always finding a hand offered in friendship.

Thank you and see you soon,

Jesús Antonio Borja Pérez

Municipal Director of Culture

Guanajuato, Mexico

Editor's note: Below is the original letter sent from Guanajuato.

La actuación magistral de Don Quijote

Si Miguel de Cervantes viviera y conociera la versión de su "Don Quijote" del Oregon Shake speare Festival y la actuación de Armando Durán, se sentiría totalmente satisfecho porque la actuación magistral del actor nos permite ver el trabajo de un profesional fuera de serie que entiende perfectamente la esencia del loco soñador que sólo busca la justica y el honor.

Por supuesto que va inmersa la labor del adaptador y del director, pero en el escenario es el actor y su trabajo y todos, sin excepción están exactamente donde deben de estar. Los personajes, árboles, animales, molinos, todo es perfecto. No encuentro un solo defecto en el espectáculo por más que lo repaso en la memoria.

Piensen por un momento en su personaje favorito "¦ listo? Don Quijote lo es en mi caso e imagine ustedes la enorme alegría de verle "vivo." No puedo contar algunas de las primeras escenas porque no dejé de llorar todo el inicio. No podía creer que después de perseguirlo en libros, videos, películas y en la misma Castilla La Mancha, lo viniera encontrar en Ashland.

En Guanajuato estamos plenamente satisfechos por la enorme suerte de ser hermanos de la ciudad de Ashland, de disfrutar de su gran calidez humana y sobre todo de, estando lejos de casa y tu ciudad, encontrar siempre una mano amiga que está dispuesta a ayudarte.

Gracias y hasta pronto.

Jesús Antonio Borja Pérez

Director Municipal de Cultura

Guanajuato, México

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