Letters to the editor, March 24

Ashland characters should stay downtown

I've been reading about the issues regarding prohibited signs in Ashland and was surprised to find this law extends to store mascots such as Wiley's World's "Alfredo" and the Rocky Mountain Fudge Company's bear. I understand that they obstruct the sidewalk a bit, but I think these characters add charm to Ashland. Tourists like the cute things outside shops that entice them to go in and buy something. I remember coming to Ashland as a tourist and buying caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Fudge Company after pouncing on the heavy-bellied bear.

I think the sign restrictions should have exceptions for things that add more flavor to Ashland. Historical objects are not only permitted but also protected, and for me these characters bear history. I hope that some sort of understanding can be reached between the town and its businesses.

Luke Estes


Pulling the wool over the public's eyes

Financial meltdown, mortgage crisis, banks going bankrupt, financial institutions collapse, Madoff Ponzi scheme. Seems to me the SEC and former chairman Cox are the most culpable. They were warned in 1999 to check on Madoff; they closed their eyes on crazy trading schemes and allowed hedge fund managers to illegally participate in naked short selling (see deepcapture.com). Using AIG bonuses and the Madoff accountant to fill our news is akin to pulling the wool over our eyes. The bad guys go free while the world suffers. Bad scenario.

Paul Moss


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