Letters to the editor, May 14

Step up to the plate for health insurance

The fight is on in Congress regarding single pay health insurance — the pharmaceutical corporations and AMA are funding lobbyists to make sure their monetary interests are protected, and they are telling lies. Many other countries have all of their citizens covered with health insurance and they are not socialist countries. In Malta everyone automatically is covered through a government system and in Germany everyone has insurance. Most of my friends are not covered at all, nor am I, and we are not even the poorest of the poor of this nation.

Even if you never take action of this sort — please consider stepping up to the plate on this one. The Senate Finance Committee refused to let anyone of credibility who supported health care reform add comments to their hearings and even cracked jokes about it. And these are our elected officials that we pay with taxpayers' money to represent our best interests — it seems that they have other interests in mind!

We must let them know we know what they are up to! And we will not turn our heads the other way — Congress members definitely have medical coverage for their families ...

We elected Obama for change, but now we have to help him get it through Congress!

AnnRaNae Meders


OSW show pushes at our comfort zone

"Things We Do," Oregon Stage Works' current two-night exploratory set of short plays, is a valiant attempt to wake people up to the insanity of the brutality we humans visit upon each other in the name of national righteousness and religious fervor. The stories are about individuals and families and their suffering caused by opposing allegiances. The pain of these tragic situations invites us to recognize and value our commonness rather than to fight and kill each other defending our beliefs.

We are called to appreciate and respect the differences, acknowledging that we are all on this earth together, and each entitled to a tiny piece of land to live on peacefully.

I applaud Peter Alzado and the entire OSW company for their dedication and daring to push us out of our comfort zone and hopefully to open our hearts to our deep humanity. The actors and entire crew are offering us a finely crafted gift which richly deserves our attention and attendance.

The shows are playing through the month of May. Call 482-2334 for tickets.

Dot Fisher-Smith


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