Letters to the Editor September 16

Stromberg's Brass Band (a poem)

The trumpets are sharp — the piccolos are flat. The trombones do not know where the tubas are at. The tubas cannot find the lost drum beat. The majorette is marching down the wrong street. Her baton has fallen into the brink. As the cymbals crash out of sync.

The mayor has hosted this grand parade — to help disguise the City Council's charade. Spending our taxes and tourist bucks — on new city cars, face lifts and trucks. While more important issues are looming on hand. We are so tired of hearing Stromberg's Brass Band.

The fire chief has warned them year after year. To the pending dangers they have turned a deaf ear. In one day our city could go up in flames — due to their delays and political games. We must tap into Medford's water supply. Or one day our beautiful Ashland could die.

If a fire starts near our town — they will shut our water completely down. It could be a disaster on the FEMA scale. Let's hope the fire does not burn down the jail. If ever comes that dreadful day. That is where our local politicians should stay.

There is deep danger very close on hand — unto our houses and our land. I think the mayor should be canned. The City Council recalled and banned. For all the good things they never planned. It is time for us citizens to make a stand.

We are so tired of hearing — Stromberg's Brass Band.

Dushane Stone


Cops should target fog lights over pot

I just read another repetitive story in the Daily Tidings about yet another mega-marijuana bust (see Sept. 11 article "Cops pull nearly 40,000 pot plants in Siskiyou County"). Including those in the Oregon State Police press releases, I think that's the third one this week. Personally, I'd prefer to see law enforcement focus their efforts on targeting the rampant illegal use of vehicle fog lights.

Rodger Hoyt

Grants Pass

A much-needed conservative voice

James Farmer's letters have always been truthful, well researched, timely and written with the best interests of the republic in mind. While taking to task those who are unable to distinguish between a democracy and our constitutional republic, he always does so without demeaning, untruthful and undeserved personal attacks. I think Jim's writing is a much-needed conservative voice in an otherwise dim jumble of anti-constitution diatribes seeking to trash our form of government with "progressive" ideas and programs that are in direct conflict with our founding documents. I support him in his attempts to bring clarity and reason to the population through our uncensored right to free speech.

Floyd Hancock

Klamath Falls

Outrageous lies about attack on Twin Towers

I find it outrageous that the lead editorial in the Daily Tidings on Sept. 11, 2009, the eighth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York by radical Muslims, lies to us about the cause of the destruction (see guest opinion "Eight years after 9-11"). If someone had submitted an equally outrageous story suggesting that George W. Bush had assassinated Abraham Lincoln or that we'd been attacked on Dec. 7, 1941 by Albania, I wonder if the paper would have run it.

Maynard Telpner


An excellent view of Burning Man

Mandy Valencia presented an excellent view of the Burning Man event. I've been eyeing this gathering for years and have thought about going. The research I've done leads me to believe it's many things: a wild party of nincompoops, a transformative gathering of heartfelt artists, a place to connect with the avant-garde of the world, a barometer of social consciousness and whatever else you want it to be. Mandy presented a well-balanced view for the uninitiated and the seasoned wild person alike, and didn't spend too much time on the wild side. The emphasis on her photos was evocative and drew me in.

Thanks for letting her go and publishing her work.

Mark Jaynes


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