Letters to the Editor September 2

Preventative care

Why do I support a public option for health care? I've been harboring a homeless family for four years. Although they can't pay money for rent, I allow them to work off living with me.

Recently, their young daughter (in her 20s) suffered a tooth abscess. Her cheek looked like she had the mumps. She was in so much pain, she was crying. I had no other choice but to take her to the Ashland ER.

With preventative care she would never have had the abscess and perhaps, at such a young age, lose a tooth. We will actually save money by not neglecting health problems, either prevent them or take care of them while they are small.

Ruth Wire


Lack of morals

Regarding Chris Honoré's Aug. 25 guest opinion "A moral imperative" — That's true, it is a moral issue, and some Republicans do have morals. The screamers, obviously, do not.

Let's face it, no one could get that worked up over the possibility of being able to buy better health care for less money.

The real issue is the same as it has been since the beginning of the "tax revolt" with Prop. 13. The white suburbs are terrified that their tax money might help black and brown people. Not sure? Just remember the incredible venom from nice folks in Nebraska, etc. over "illegal immigration." Nobody worried about Canadians, Cambodians or Indians. Just Mexicans.

And the hatred and fear of black folks is still obvious, as shown by the increase in Klan and American Nazi "militias" lately. Let's all pray.

Peter Nemzek


Thanks for the meth recipe

I would like to place my order for a shake-and-bake meth kit as pictured and described on the front page of last Sunday's Mail Tribune. I've been wondering how to make it through the recession. Thank you.

Fran Eastman


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