Letters to the Editor September 24

Throwing bread crumbs to peasants

Regarding Jeff Golden's Sept. 19 column "It's more than a bike ride," this article could be more descriptively named "Multnomah County elitists traverse rural Oregon, throw bread crumbs to local peasants."

Tim Russell


Go see "The Cove"

I watched the film "The Cove" recently. I was one of only a few attending on a Saturday night, prime time. This most important film tells about the slaughter of dolphins that is going on right now in Japan and has been happening for many, many years.

Although difficult to watch because of its honest and vivid documentation of what is actually happening, it is a film we should all see and then take action. Please go see this film soon, as it may not be here for long, and sign the petition at: www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/724210624?z00m=19775525.

Anne Stine


Thanks to Lions for AHAA! support

The Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA!) would like to thank the Ashland Lion's club for their hard work and generous contribution to Ashland High School and Middle School bands. Last summer the Lions raised more than $6,300 through ice cream sales from their ice cream truck that they donated to our school band programs. The bands are always in need of funds for instrument repairs, music, travel to competitions and bringing in professional musicians who enrich the curriculum.

Thank you, Lions, for your help in keeping our school music programs alive.

Marcia Pinneau

Secretary, AHAA!

America needs health care reform now

As a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, I have worked hard for more than 20 years to provide compassionate, high-quality health care for my patients. I have been on the front lines of health-care delivery, and I have seen the devastating effects of our broken health care system on families. We all have an opportunity to stand up and make a change, to help our friends, families and coworkers and demand meaningful health care reform. America needs health care reform and we need it now!

Skyrocketing costs, increasing numbers of uninsured and underinsured individuals and an overburdened public health system affect all of us — every income level, every ethnicity, every age and every region of this country. We need health reform where you will never lose your coverage or be denied renewal even if you get sick as long as you pay your premium, or be denied coverage because of your medical history. A recent survey estimated that 36 percent of non-elderly adults were discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition.

No one should die because they can't afford health care. No one should go bankrupt because they can't afford health insurance. No one should delay receiving treatment because they are afraid of the cost. These things happen every day, to thousands of our neighbors and friends, and it is time for us to stand up for what is right. We must have meaningful health care reform and we must have it now. Please call or write your legislators and ask them to act today!

Bunny Lewis


Plaza's pioneer statue deserves our respect

Once again, Patti Morey is complaining about the pioneer statue on the plaza (see Sept. 17 letter "New statue wanted"). Her last complaint was in June 2007, and I answered her at that time defending our pioneer.

To me he represents all the early settlers who braved the hardships of traveling to this unknown land to make a new home for their families and to be a part of the development of this town and this community.

They dreamed dreams and saw visions of more homes and families, schools, churches, stores and other businesses. They are a part of our heritage and our history, and the statue is a representation of those dreamers and those who labored hard and long to bring those dreams to reality.

I would like to ask Patti if she would like to replace our pioneer with a new statue. Perhaps one of our naked bike rider or our visiting nude man wearing nothing but a pair of shoes. That should be very enlightening for our visitors and our children as they pass through the plaza.

Seriously, our pioneer represents all the founding fathers (and mothers) of this area and as such should remain where he is and be accorded the respect due those fathers and mothers of our past.

Alberta Apenes


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