Letters to the Editor September 9

Thanks Richard Moeschl

It gave me pause to read that Richard Moeschl is retiring from his position as arts and entertainment editor. While I am delighted that he will have more time to pursue his many interests, he will be sorely missed.

As a new resident of Ashland, Richard welcomed me warmly, and through the years he has been a huge part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's life. His knowledge of and commitment to OSF and the arts throughout the Rogue Valley, and his determination to promote, publicize and participate in all aspects of the artistic community has been invaluable to artists, organizations and the wider community.

I know that he will continue his ardent support of the arts, and we will no doubt continue to feel his presence in many ways, but his absence at the Mail Tribune and Daily Tidings will be keenly felt.

Many thanks, Richard, for your dedication and devotion.

Bill Rauch

Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

A yogurt owed for weeding

I got tired of seeing all the knee-high weeds on the old lumberyard site downtown. I stopped to get a yogurt but decided to weed the ugly lots instead.

I can't believe the city lets the owners get by with the ugly lots.

After I finished, I didn't get a yogurt. I think whoever owns the lot at least owes me a yogurt.

Glenn Choate


Guns in the headlines

"Driver shot to death after San Pablo exchange"

"Teen shot and killed in Oakland"

"Man shot to death at Hayward apartment complex"

"21 year old man slain in East Oakland"

"Oakland cop shot and wounded, gunman escapes"

"Man, 30, shot to death in East Oakland yard"

"Student shot at Skyline College parking lot"

"Klamath Falls bartender fatally shot"

"Toddler, 3 others dead in murder suicide"

"Man shot and killed in Vallejo"

Had enough?

Tom Dimitre


More programs needed

Kudos to Chris Honoré for his incisive takedown of the reactionary "Starve the Beast" lunacy (see Sept. 4 guest opinion). The idea that in a constitutional democracy the "government is the enemy" is clearly absurd — except to those who wish to protect and extend the power and profits of a small elite by limiting the power of the great majority.

Government programs and public institutions make all the difference in the world in providing essentials to all the citizens.

Look around: It is our government — we the people — that is bailing out the elites who got us into our current mess.

What we need are more government programs and policies that benefit all Americans instead of so many policies, subsidies and tax breaks that the corporations and elites suck in.

Gerald Cavanaugh


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