Library Advisory Committee needed

The City of Ashland is seeking seven citizens to serve on the recently created Citizen Library Advisory Committee. Anyone interested in serving on this committee can submit a letter of interest to Mayor John Morrison, City Hall 20 East Main St., Ashland, OR 97520. The deadline is Monday, Aug. 13.

The purpose of the CLAC shall be to advise the City Council on matters relating to the Ashland Public Library, excluding daily administrative operations.

The commission shall have the following duties:


162; Review and evaluate services provided by the Ashland Public Library during the interim period of October 2007 to June 2009.


162; Identify and recommend the delivery of future services by the Ashland Public Library.


162; Receive community input concerning the Ashland Public Library.

Work in conjunction with regional and other municipal groups to identify long term library funding options and library governance options to be completed for council review by March 2008.


162; Serve as a liaison with the County Library Advisory Committee.

The committee shall be comprised of seven voting members; including one person with library experience, one person with finance and taxation knowledge, one person with issue-based election campaign experience and four at large positions preferably with representation of the various library users and partner organizations.

The CLAC shall establish a regular time, date and place of meeting and shall hold at least one regular meeting every three months and more frequently if needed. The Committee shall terminate in June 2009.

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