Lithia Park ghost tales

Lithia Park has some spooky urban legends that accompany its popularity, according to, a Web site containing ghost stories. One ghost often associated with the park is that of a young girl who was rumored to have been raped and murdered on its grounds in the 1800s. The girl is believed to be the source of a mysterious blue light or mist that is said to float above one of the park's duck ponds at night.

Another tale from the 1970s consists of some college students driving on one of the roads in or near Lithia Park. They reported a blue, mist-like apparition that suddenly appeared in front of their car. As the car drove through it, all those inside were completely overtaken by a cold chill.

Another ghost whispered about is that of a logger who died when a tree fell in the wrong direction. In life, the man reportedly was well known for using his drinking jug as a musical instrument. There have been reports of other loggers in the area suddenly being pushed or pulled out of the way of a falling tree that they never saw coming. In those cases, the men said they heard the sounds of someone playing a jug just before the event happened.

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