Lithia Springs Resort breezes into Ashland

Ashland residents and Rogue Valley socialites in seasonal colors came out to experience the newly renovated Lithia Springs Resort on June 15.

Guests were greeted by Doug Neuman and his 100-watt smile. He was handsomely attired in flat front-creased summer slacks. His shirt was also crisp but the color was appropriate for a resort owner: a soft sky blue. This look is sexy, not corporate.

Harder to locate because she never stops moving was his wife, Becky Neuman. She too was resort-ready with a seersucker skirt, white top and gold metallic princess slippers and belt. Her shoulder bag, watch and sweater echo were the same sweet yellow that she used to accent the property.

Next on the resort runway was their daughter, Carolyne Neuman who sings under the name Novi. Her style could be described as earth totem chic. Her necklace was long and dangled a faux claw. A simple, lone bangle adorned her forearm and a silver phoenix and opal ring rode on her forefinger.

Kanaka Onaka-Yajima, who traveled from Japan for a friend's wedding, was attired in a chiffon wrap dress, with matching glass rose earrings and elegant metal unity bands on a serpentine chain.

Ashland resident Jen Yance paired her long, coral-colored empire dress with a white leather wristwatch, artisan pearl earrings and matching necklace charm.

The Neumans, who also own the Historic Ashland Springs Hotel and Lake of the Woods, envision this as a resort property. Cozy faux fur pillows are propped on sand-colored couches. A white wall in the lobby has a large word sculpture above wainscoting that invites visitors to "splash." Randomly arranged pieces of driftwood, shells and stones are reminiscent of walks on the beach. Other objects are made of cool materials: blue glass and crystal, white ceramic and painted pewter accents. Creamy yellow planter boxes weave in a cheery yellow through the grounds.

The key to luxury resort style is to wear classic seasonal pieces with dollops of color and keep your glass full of lemonade, ice tea or champagne.

— Troy Brown

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