Local author expands mental horizons

ASHLAND — The idea that "we are all one" is a warm and fuzzy nostrum for New Age believers, but author-musician James Twyman has made a movie, "The Proof," that he says should remove all doubt.

Early this year, Twyman screened a bunch of people by having them each hide a spoon somewhere in Ashland Shop 'N Kart market, then mentally send him images and messages about where to find the spoons.

The best "sender" was Leslie Bates, 22, of Ashland, so she was given $1,000 and told to get on a plane and hide one of his books anywhere in the United States, then come back home.

Twyman got out a map, tuned into her mental images and directions about where the book was — and they got on a plane with his film crew to record what happened.

It worked, says Ed Keller of Ashland, the film's director. Actively receiving her mental messages, Twyman flew to an undisclosed city on Feb. 9, and within an hour of landing he had the book in his hands, he says.

He declined to reveal the city, saying it would give away the ending.

"I was there watching the whole thing unfold through the lens. I joked with friends that if he's pulling a hustle, it would have to be incredibly elaborate," says Keller. "I really was impressed."

Twyman acknowledges it may be hard to believe, but he claims his 20-minute film "provides actual proof that we are not separate, isolated and alone, but connected and one ... on unseen but very essential levels, though we seem to be these beings in separate bodies."

Bates, too, vouches that the psychic experiment was all completely above board, even though Bates was physically with Twyman, "sending" directions. The two are longtime friends, she adds.

"It was as honest as can be, no correlating of information, straightforward, truthful ... mentally indicated go right, go left, but didn't say it," she says.

Twyman, who has written 12 books about higher consciousness, says he kept the movie short to facilitate distribution through YouTube and Internet sites — and to get out the message that all humanity is one.

The film will premiere at 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday, March 21, at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, 258 A Street, Ashland. It shows with "Leap! The Movie," which features Twyman as one of several speakers on "the myths of reality." Twyman and Bates will speak at the event.

The idea for the film sprang from a challenge by his publisher, Hay House, which offered to donate $50,000 to a charity of his choice if Twyman could find an object hidden anywhere in the lower 48 states, but in plain sight, not in a safe or at the bottom of a lake, he said.

The president of Hay House, Reid Tracy, was satisfied the experiment was above board "because he knows me" and trusts in Twyman's honesty, Twyman said. The money was paid to charities that help children and women in halfway houses in San Diego, he said.

On the trailer, viewable on YouTube by searching "The Proof Trailer," Twyman is seen searching in a downtown area with Bates at his side, then saying to the camera, "This is not a trick and no one is in on the game."

Twyman, who earlier gave an online course on how to psychically bend spoons, will give another online course on how to repeat the feat in "The Proof."

The movie will explain the "how" of finding hidden objects, notes Keller, adding that it's about "getting very clear and open to receiving information."

Twyman said his last movie, "The Moses Code," brought the idea forward that humanity is one. "I realized there was a great interest in going beyond theorizing. People want to experience it today — and in a fun way." Twyman added that the film should not be viewed as a psychic stunt that overshadows the spiritual oneness of humanity.

What would have happened if he hadn't found the book?

"We would have stopped the project ... but what was proven is we're connected on the deeper layers, and that's very important. We share the same atoms and are more connected than separate."

Twyman's Web sites are www.emmissaryoflight.com and www.jamestwyman.com.

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