Local bioscience reps attend OBA meeting

Members of the Southern Oregon Bioscience Industry Consortium attended the annual meeting of the Oregon Bioscience Association held at the Portland Zoo on Thursday.

In attendance were more than 150 representatives from the various sectors of the biosciences including industry, academia and the government, all of whom came together to discuss, network and move forward efforts to promote Oregon as a major player in the life sciences.

The theme of the meeting was Understanding Change and Positioning Our Industry for Growth.

Bob Lanier, executive director of OBA opened the meeting with a "State of OBA" address. Attendees heard comments from keynote speakers on issues which ranged from President Obama's new FDA policies and how these anticipated changes may affect the biosciences in the years to come, on innovative life science collaborations and the forming of consortia as models for growth, on how Oregon biosciences will benefit from the Federal Stimulus Plan, and how OBA plans to address industry financial concerns by developing workforce training opportunities and by developing an industry grant writing assistance program.

A number of industry cluster break out sessions were held during the morning hours which were designed as a structured networking opportunity for companies and research centers in similar industry clusters to make introductions and discuss expertise in their industry area, and to discuss ways to achieve new product developments through collaborations.

A Research Core Facilities networking session was also held with exhibitions from some of the state's key research core facilities which provided an opportunity for interactions between conference attendees, researchers and research facility directors to present their services and expertise for potential industry collaborations.

Research Core Facilities represented were:

  • Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative
  • Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication at PSU
  • Oregon National Primate Research Center
  • Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing
  • Bioanalytics and Pharmacokinetics Core
  • Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute

SOBIC will carry these messages to its participating companies and encourage Southern Oregon bioscience related institutions to benefit from collaborative activities with these core research facilities and local industry partners.

The OBA also used the meeting to officially launch its new Web site www.oregonbio.org.

SOBIC's attendance at the meeting was sponsored by a grant from Invitrogen.

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