Making a grand entrance

A newly installed door at Tease restaurant and bar in downtown Ashland has two different personalities, depending on whether the sun is shining upon it in the day or light from inside is illuminating the door's stained glass at night.

"When the light's behind it, it's full of color. When it's day, it becomes a graphic image," said Tease Owner Julie O'Dwyer.

O'Dwyer and local sculptor Kevin Christman found an old wooden door at a salvage yard in Berkeley, Calif. Christman created a custom stained glass piece of an abstracted orchid that he set into the door.

Christman is better known for his sculptures, including a bronze piece of a crouching woman with angel wings tied to her back that sits atop a pedestal in front of SoundPeace downtown. That sculpture was only installed in September after going through almost two years of legal hurdles caused by the city of Ashland's restrictive sign code. The Ashland City Council modified the sign code and adopted new rules for public art, clearing the way for the sculpture's installation.

Last week's installation of the door at Tease didn't have to get past any regulatory roadblocks because it involved only a door.

But Christman noted, "I would classify this door as a piece of fine art."

He said he was honored to be a part of the process of salvaging the door and turning it into a piece of art that can be enjoyed by passersby and patrons of Tease alike.

Christman said he believes the entrances to businesses should be unique and varied.

The door at Tease joins several other artistically made doors in downtown Ashland. Doors throughout Ashland, in fact, have proven to be so creatively made that they inspired resident and photographer Betty Hansen to create a "Doors of Ashland" poster in 1991 that has enjoyed sales into this decade.

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