Matt the Electrician at The Wild Goose

Matt Sever's 2013 release, "It's a Beacon, It's a Bell," features "personal and autobiographical portraits brimming with universal truths," according to a news release.

The Texas-based songwriter and guitarist, who goes by the stage name Matt the Electrician, released his new, stripped-down album in August. The album, which closely resembles his live shows, contains equal parts humor and heart, delivered in engaging, personal narratives and guitar-driven folk melodies.

Before he was a full-time musician, Sever worked as an electrician during the day and picked up gigs at clubs around Austin, Texas, at night. There were times when he'd get off work late and arrive at the clubs in his work clothes. Thus, he was dubbed Matt the Electrician.

Sever will perform at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at The Wild Goose, 2365 Highway 66, Ashland. The show is free.

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