Measure 49 is question of freedom

49 is a question of freedom

Land use is only a sucker punch; Measure 49 is a question of freedom.

I'd like to bring out a point about all this Measure 37 and Measure 49 hype that is the current buzz for media frenzy: This isn't about big-bad developers cluttering up the landscape, Wal-Mart moving in next-door or losing all of the farm ground to housing and then we'll all starve to death.

This entire issue is much deeper than land use policy. This is about losing our rights to government or fighting to get them back. This loss is presented in every election in some form or another. This time land use is the diversion. It's a sucker punch to get us to look over here while we get hit and lose rights over there.

When Senate Bill 100 passed legislature, our State government took rights away from a sector of our society. When Measure 37 passed, we the people got some of our freedom and private rights back. Scare tactics are now being used to get the people to run back under the "protection" government regulations. This is like allowing our government to censor freedom of the press to get rid of pornography or having prohibition of alcohol because of a few drunk drivers.

The issue is simple, and is the same whether you own a million acres or nothing, are rich or poor, fat or skinny. This same wolf will wear a different colored sheep's clothing and come predating on the voters every election through fear and media hype.

If we the people want freedom and control vote no on 49. If you want a more oppressive and regulatory government vote yes, but don't think that an oppressive government will stop with just landowners. Next time they'll come after your rights.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who will sacrifice freedom for security will have neither one."

Jon Hemstreet


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