Media exchange still seeking donations

The Ashland Media Exchange, opened to fill to void during the six-month library closure last year, has no plans to close now that the library is back open, and has even seen an increase in business since it moved closer to downtown in November.

Now called the Rogue Valley Media Exchange, it was purchased by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and moved into a suite above the library's location on A Street.

About 120 people visit the media exchange every week, said Manager Beth Mogford, to donate books or pick up some reading material for free. The media exchange makes a small profit by selling a portion of donated books online, and the proceeds now benefit the metaphysical library, Mogford said.

"We get quite a few donations, although we always need more," she said.

Visitors often take one or two books home and come back a few days later with boxes of old books to donate, she said.

Since the move, the media exchange also added a section for home school books, materials that were sorely missed during the public library closure, home schooling parents said.

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