Memorable house on Siskiyou Boulevard house getting a face lift

An old house on the corner of Siskiyou Boulevard and Mountain Avenue is getting a major face lift.

Gregg Adams of Ashland purchased the home about a year and a half ago.

"I bought it to open a coffee house," Adams said. "But I couldn't get it approved by the city because it's zoned as residential."

Over time this historical home had been divided into six separate living spaces which housed mostly students at SOU.

"Ask anyone who attended SOU and they've been in this house," Adams said.

The home drew attention in recent years when one of the residents displayed large, colorful pieces of art around the outside.

The large porch was enclosed and sectioned into two apartments. The interior of the home was converted into four apartments.

"The house was butchered to make separate rooms," Adams said. "All the neat stuff is gone, the original stained glass, the door handles."

The original columns that held up the porch are still there, and Adams intends to restore them as he remodels the home.

"I get people that stop everyday and ask what we are doing," he said.

Adams owns Gregg Adams Construction with an office in Medford. Since he is unable to start a coffee shop at the location, he has decided to restore the home and move his office into it. His current office is located on Siskiyou Boulevard in Medford.

"I only have to change the house number on my business cards and stationary," Adams said.

According to the Ashland Public Works Department, the intersection of Siskiyou Boulevard and Mountain is the busiest in Ashland. Adams is building a period craftsman building next door, which he intends to sell.

"I didn't need all the parking next to the building, so I'm constructing a house there," he said.

Adams is working on the house himself. He plans to work on the exterior this summer and fall, and complete the inside this winter. Adams hopes to have the project finished next year.

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