Methamphetamine arrest near Mt. A

The Jackson County Sheriff's department arrested a man living near Mt. Ashland on federal narcotics trafficking charges Thursday.

Investigators seized more than five ounces of methamphetamine and $25,000 believed to be proceeds from drug sales from Mark Andrew Newberger's home on the 9900 block of Mt. Ashland Ski Road. He is in jail, and no bail has been set at this time.

In the past year, investigators purchased nearly a half a pound of meth from Newberger, Sheriff Mike Winters said, leading to the request for a search warrant.

"He's been on our radar screen for a long time, and we were able to line up the pieces we needed," Winters said.

Packaging materials and digital scales were also found during the search of Newberger's residence. Additional details from the arrest were scarce, however, because investigations are still continuing around related cases, Winters said.

Although meth use is commonly believed to be low in Ashland, that notion is not entirely accurate.

"Meth is a problem in the United States, and it knows no boundary," he said. "Ashland is not excluded from that."

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