Midwest country duo to play Ashland tonight

As part of a multi-state tour from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, The Ginn Sisters will roll their tour bus into Ashland for a stop at the Jefferson State Pub on tonight at 9 p.m.

In a world where "formula" country music reins, the Ginn Sisters have a formula of their own: stun the audience with beautiful vocals, amazing harmonies and intriguing songs, then resuscitate them with humorous and lively banter.

Tiffani writes the songs plays guitar and sings melody, Brit sings harmony and adds instrumental flare on flute and melodica. Their mother Kari will be joining them on the trip West to add the third harmony part and banjo.

Their most recent CD "Blood Oranges" was the No. — independently released CD on Americana radio in 2006, reached No. 2 on the Roots Music Report and No. — on the Freeform Americana Roots Chart.

The Ginn Sisters kicked off their four-week, 12-state tour with a stellar performance at the Big State Festival in College Station, Texas. They performed with country and Americana luminaries like Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Lyle Lovett, Miranda Lambert, The Wreckers and many more.

"The Ginn Sisters breezy, folksy country was a nice way to start the day," wrote the Houston Chronicle. "The singing siblings anchored their music with wry humor and a strange, likable sweetness. They seemed equally at home cracking jokes and crooning love laments &

and looked awfully cute in colorful, thrift-store dresses and boots. Mom joined in on harmonies for a few songs, and one of the band members busted out a washboard. Total bonus."

For more infowww.theginnsisters.com or /theginnsisters.

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