Modest style: Devon Hector

Around Walker Elementary, the quietly charming Devon Hector is known for his athletic skills and his gift for music. Though Hector himself is modest about his talents, his physical education teacher Joann Pinder, says he is amazing.

"Devon is an awesome athlete. What makes this even sweeter is that he lets his actions speak for themselves and doesn't brag about his abilities," Pinder said.

Hector's mother appreciates her son's serious calm.

"Devon is such a unique, caring, and smart boy," Danya Hector said. "He brings mehappiness each and every day. He is quiet at times because his little mind is thinking about big things and when he is in his comfort zone friends and family see another side of him that brings them joy and happiness as well.

When Hector is not playing basketball or guitar, he can often be found with friends or with his father making his own music videos to share on YouTube. The young athlete, musician, and possible scuba diver took some time to talk with the Daily Tidings.

DT: How old are you?

DH: I'm 8 years old, but almost 9.

DT: What are some of your favorite subjects in school?

DH: Math because I like measuring; music because we sing and play guitar, and PE because we do track and tug-o-war.

DT: Do you have a favorite teacher?

DH: Ms. Pinder, my PE teacher, is one of my favorite teachers. She's really nice and we do a lot of fun things in P.E.

DT: What do you like to do outside of school?

DH: I play baseball, football and basketball. I like basketball the most. I also take drumming and guitar lessons, and I watch the History Channel. Lately, I've been reading the series, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." And I like making shows on YouTube with my friends and dad. I did a lot on one video, even edited it myself.

DT: Do you have trouble balancing school and your outside interests?

DH: No. I don't really get a lot of homework.

DT: What do you think you might want to be when you grow up?

DH: A scuba diver who picks up treasures in the ocean or a cartoon maker.

DT: Talk about something you have done that makes you proud.

DH: My school had a toy drive last year and I gave away my toys to kids that don't have them.

DT: Is there anything that you find challenging?

DH: Trying to tell people what I think about things.

DT: Tell us about someone at school who inspires you.

DH: My friends Detlef and Wayne because they are fun.

DT: Tell us about someone in your family who makes you proud.

DH: My cousins Tyler and Mackenna. They babysit me, they play with me, and they are always good to me. I like them a lot.

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