Mothers speak out for medical marijuana

A multiple sclerosis patient and cannabis advocate who briefly lost custody of her children in Idaho after Boise police reported finding marijuana in her home is rallying other mothers who fear losing their children because of their medical marijuana use.

Lindsey Rinehart moved to Southern Oregon from Idaho thinking this state was friendlier toward medical marijuana patients.

Rinehart left Idaho after her children were placed into protective custody in April when Boise police say they found marijuana and paraphernalia within reach of children. No charges were filed and Rinehart's children were released back into her custody after 17 days.

Now living in Talent, she's speaking out as one of the co-leaders of the local chapter of Moms for Marijuana.

The loosely formed group Southern Oregon Moms for Marijuana, has about a dozen members so far, Rinehart said. The organization plans to hold a rally at 4 p.m., Tuesday, on the Jackson County Courthouse steps at 10 S. Oakdale Ave. The rally is one of many being organized by chapters of Moms for Marijuana around the country.

"We're just mothers who've had enough," Rinehart said. "It doesn't help to remove a child from a loving family because of a nontoxic substance."

She is also the director of Undergreen Railroad, a newly formed group which will attempt to help cannabis growers and users move to marijuana-friendly states.

— Damian Mann

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