Myers: 'When we die, we're dead ... end of story'

Biologist and blogger P.Z. Myers is in Ashland tonight in a Jefferson Center presentation sure to stir the pot about God and evolution.

The talk is set at 7 p.m in the Meese Meeting Room at the Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland. Tickets are $10; students get in free.

The talk marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's "The Origin of the Species." Myers will use Darwin for a refutation of religious arguments against evolution.

From a scientific point of view, said Myers in a phone interview, God didn't create life, doesn't work in tandem with evolution and doesn't exist.

"We don't need him. I don't at all believe in him — and when we die, we're dead, end of story," said Myers.

Myers, who said he gets 2.5 million hits a month on his blog "Pharyngula" on, said of supporters of creationism and intelligent design, "They're wishing and hoping there's a designer out there. Their cardinal sin is ignorance."

The event is not a debate but has stirred controversy in the SOU biology department, where some teachers have questioned whether students should be encouraged to attend a forum where the speaker opposes views of scientists with religious perspectives on origins of life.

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