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Yahoo formally rebuffs Microsoft's bid


Yahoo Inc. spurned Microsoft Corp.'s $44.6 billion takeover bid as inadequate today, betting that it can elicit a higher offer from the world's largest software maker or find another way to deliver a comparable payoff to its shareholders.

The rebuff by the slumping Internet pioneer had been widely anticipated after word of Yahoo's intention was leaked during the weekend.

In its formal response, Yahoo said its board had concluded Microsoft's unsolicited offer "substantially undervalues" the Sunnyvale-based company. Yahoo indicated it could be lured to the negotiating table if Microsoft ups the ante, without mentioning the price it has in mind.

Student shot during gym class

MEMPHIS, Tenn. &

A high school student shot another student during a physical education class today, and the suspected shooter was in custody, police said.

The shooting stemmed from an argument the two students had "in the community" over the weekend, Mitchell High School Principal Daniel Ware said.

"He walked up to him, shot him, and made a statement to the coach that 'It's over now,' " Ware said. The student handed the gun to the coach and made no attempt to flee, he said.

Spacewalk goes on despite switch


Space shuttle Atlantis' astronauts geared up for a spacewalk today that NASA said would remain unchanged despite a last-minute switch in crew for medical reasons.

"The only difference is who's going out the hatch," said flight director Mike Sarafin.

The primary purpose of the spacewalk is to help install the European lab, Columbus, that Atlantis ferried to the international space station.

"" The Associated Press

The crew woke up today to the Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle," a tribute to astronaut Leland Melvin, who will use a robotic arm to pull Columbus from Atlantis' cargo bay and attach it to the station. Melvin thanked his sister for the dedication.

"She lets me know that I can fly like an eagle, which we're doing overhead right now," he said.

Roy Scheider, who starred in 'The French Connection' 'All That Jazz' and 'Jaws,' dies at 75


Roy Scheider, a one-time boxer whose broken nose and pugnacious acting style made him a star in "The French Connection" and who later uttered one of cinematic history's most memorable roles in "Jaws," has died.

Scheider died Sunday at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital in Little Rock, hospital spokesman David Robinson said. He was 75.

The hospital did not release a cause of death, but Scheider had been treated for multiple myeloma at the hospital's Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy for the past two years.

Scheider earned two Academy Award nominations &

a best-supporting nod for 1971's "The French Connection" in which he played the police partner of Oscar winner Gene Hackman, and a best-actor nomination for 1979's "All That Jazz," the semi-autobiographical Bob Fosse film.

But he was perhaps best known for his role as a small-town police chief in Steven Spielberg's 1975 film "Jaws," about a killer shark terrorizing beachgoers &

as well as millions of moviegoers.

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