No yolk: Egg truck ties up downtown traffic

Traffic on East Main Street in downtown Ashland was tied up for approximately 45 minutes Thursday morning as a Willamette Egg Farm truck apparently got stuck attempting to back up onto Second Street.

The situation occurred at approximately 11 a.m., causing minor traffic issues, which were handled smoothly by the Ashland Police Department.

Officer Teri DeSilva arrived on the scene within five minutes and directed traffic, immediately alleviating the backup.

The exact cause of the tangle could not be confirmed, but an unnamed onlooker said, "The truck tried to take a turn at a 90-degree angle while it backed onto Second Street," in effect, jack-knifing itself in the process.

Motorcycle Officer Steve MacLennan of the Ashland Police Department said the truck "broke down and tied up three lanes of traffic."

When the truck was finally able to break free of its locked position, it pulled to the side of East Main Street and awaited further assistance.

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