Old Camelot Theatre building is on the move

TALENT — A portion of the former Camelot Theatre building is expected to be moved to its new home about 1.5 miles up Wagner Creek Road by Saturday.

Chris La Due purchased the building for use at his Holophasec Technologies Group Ltd. site.

The move will make way for the extension of Main Street to connect with Valley View Road. Camelot constructed a new theater immediately north of its former building at the corner of Talent Avenue and Main Street.

La Due had hoped to move the building last summer, but ran into delays getting permits.

Doc's Home Moving Inc. of Grants Pass cut the 40-by-60-foot structure into three sections to facilitate the move. Last week, the rear section sat secured to steel beams. The middle section was jacked up with steel beams underneath.

Original plans that called for moving up Main Street to Wagner Creek Road were abandoned because of a large number of overhanging trees on the route.

The section will either be taken south on Highway 99 or Talent Avenue to Rapp Road, and then on to Wagner Creek Road, said La Due.

Home to Camelot and two earlier drama groups, the building also will hold audiences at its new location. La Due said he will use it to educate people on new science perspectives and his technologies.

Delays in the move haven't slowed the Main Street-Valley View project, said Talent Urban Renewal Agency Director Marla Cates. Selection of a contractor for the next phase, scheduled to start in the summer, will take place during the coming months.

"Phase 1B will extend Main Street through where the old theater is and connect with Seiber Street, which was built last summer," said Cates.

Analysis of possible other work to be done this summer is under way. That may include realignment of Lapree Street west of Talent Avenue with an alley just north of the new theater building.

Main may be extended a little beyond Seiber if storm drain issues are resolved.

Construction on the rest of Main and a roundabout it will connect to at Valley View will take place in 2013.

"It's wonderful having such a big project that can be done in little pieces," said Cates. "It makes it pretty flexible and we can decide what is the next best step to take."

Tony Boom is a freelance writer living in Ashland. Reach him at tboomwriter@gmail.com.

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