One recall off the table

One of the two recall campaigns has come to an end.

Plaza business owner Richard Hansen said on Friday he is abandoning his efforts to recall Ashland City Councilors Alice Hardesty, Cate Hartzell and Eric Navickas.

Hanson stated in a press release he "feels that the recall will be divisive to the community and costly to the taxpayers. I will work hard to see that the next election will put candidates on the council that have a more balanced view between business and non-business interests."

Hansen announced his intent to recall the three city councilors last weekend. On Tuesday he picked up the necessary paperwork from the Ashland City Recorder's Office and said his "core group" would be discussing how to proceed. Then on Friday, he brought a press release to the Tidings, declining to answer additional questions.

While one recall is being retracted, another local resident, Aaron Corbet, is still moving forward with his efforts to recall Councilor David Chapman.

"I expect to personally begin gathering signatures tomorrow," he said in an e-mail on Friday. "I have other people pushing forward on this."

He said he plans to solicit signatures at frequented areas of town, and, "If necessary, going door to door. That's a grueling process, but always the most effective."

However, he said, he could be convinced to give up on his effort as well.

"I am really not a vindictive person," he said in the e-mail. "And if I were convinced that Chapman will change his modus operandi, I would drop this. But I think it's a personality defect, which he is welcome to, but which is really screwing up things."

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