Oregon Secretary of State works around hack

Temporary rules changes for filing campaign finance reports and Voters' Pamphlet submissions were announced today by Secretary of State Kate Brown.

The website related to secretary of state office functions was hacked, forcing officials to take the site down last week.

Brown said no one will be fined for missing a campaign finance reporting deadline in ORESTAR during the outage. Final details will be announced when ORESTAR, the state's system for tracking campaign finance and other elections information, is back up and running. All interested parties will be notified promptly when ORESTAR is restored.

A temporary rule will allow Voters' Pamphlet filings to be submitted by email at orestar-support.sos@state.or.us until the website outage is fixed. Once the website is restored, submissions will once again be required to go through the regular online channel.

— Greg Stiles

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