Oregon to receive $153 million in timber money from feds


Oregon's rural counties will receive $153 million in timber payments in what could be the final year of the program, the U.S. Forest Service announced Friday.

The state gets the largest chunk of the $389 million set aside for the program. California is second with $66 million, followed by Washington with $42 million.

Money from the set-aside, intended to compensate for the loss of timber revenue due to endangered species regulations, is spread over 41 states and Puerto Rico.

The Oregon delegation has been pushing for a four-year extension of the program, known as the Rural Schools and Community Self-determination Act.

Their final effort, putting the plan into a massive energy bill, failed last week when the Senate stripped it and other measures that would help pay for it out.

But lawmakers have said they will try again next year to find a way to fund their plan, which called for $1.5 billion for the federal timber payments and $350 million to compensate states next year for lost tax revenue from federal lands.

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