Orf's case could be a conflict

If Andrew Robert "Drew" Orf lands in front of a grand jury for the confiscation of drugs discovered in his car Sunday night, the courts might have to make special arrangements.

The case could present a conflict of interest because Orf, 20, is the son of juvenile court Judge Rebecca Orf and defense attorney David Orf.

"If, when we review the case, we feel it is a conflict for our office to handle it, then we ask another district attorney's office to handle it for us as a conflict case," said Beth Heckert, chief deputy district attorney for Jackson County. The county sends about ten cases each year out of the county because of a conflict of interest, Heckert said.

Rebecca and David Orf declined to comment on the case.

Drew Orf, of the 100 block of Ridge Road, was arrested early Sunday morning, cited for possession of marijuana and carrying concealed brass knuckles, and released. Officers impounded his car and found additional marijuana, meth, cocaine, hashish and crushed Xanax. The car also contained evidence of methamphetamine and marijuana manufacturing, police said.

He has yet been charged for drugs discovered during the search of his car and will likely face a grand jury, police said. The police department had not submitted the case to the Jackson County courts as of Monday afternoon, court officials said.

The Orf family made headlines in 2005 when they were investigated for their role in a fatal car crash. Police believed Kevan Thatcher-Stephens, 17, who caused the crash and died along with the driver of the car he hit, became intoxicated at a party at then 17-year-old Drew Orf's home while his parents were in Mexico. Thatcher-Stephens was never confirmed to have attended the party and the Orfs were not charged in the case.

Police filed complaints in 2006 against Rebecca and David Orf for ethical misconduct during the investigation. In April 2007, the Oregon Commission of Judicial Fitness and Disability declined to investigate the complaint against Rebecca Orf and the Oregon State Bar found no evidence that David Orf violated any rules of professional conduct.

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