Pair arrested for invading invalid's home, beating him


Two men are accused of a home-invasion robbery and beating of a 40-year-old man whose injuries from a motorcycle accident years ago left him unable to work or drive.

After ransacking the house, they made off with a pickup truck the victim, John Voigt, still prizes, even though he can't drive it.

But officers on the Oregon Coast spotted the white 1997 Toyota extended cab truck with black fender flares and custom blue graphics, and the suspects were arrested Saturday, Yamhill County Sheriff Jack Crabtree said.

After the beating Thursday, Voigt was flown to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland in serious condition.

"He's pretty much an invalid," Voigt's stepfather, Eldon Lee of Ballston, told the McMinnville News-Register. "His left arm and leg don't work well."

The motorcycle accident was eight years ago, Lee said. "He was riding a dirt bike and hit the bucket that was connected to a backhoe," Lee said. "We almost lost him then, but he pulled through."

Lee said Voigt's son takes him riding in the pickup.

"He's not able to work or drive," Lee said. "That pickup was still his pride and joy. He would pull it out of the garage, wash and wax it, and pull it back in."

The two suspects, both from Sheridan, were accused of attempted murder, assault, robbery, theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. They are Shay Charley, 33, and Marlin Tolbert, 19.

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